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Give-Live-Ride Thailand Charity Bike Tour 2009
An experience of
a lifetime in
January 2009

Give & Get!
Buying a book is a fun, quick way to help the kids at Children's Garden.
Chiang Mai

Hundreds of riders gathered toys for orphans and kids in hospitals on Jan 6.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Funds in and out
Our fundraising projects are on the left; our giving projects below. You can donate specifically to any of our projects or give a general donation that may cover them all. Click on the specific donation buttons next to your choice on the Donate! or individual project pages.

Brain Food You can't learn on an empty stomach. Many poor children get a meager meal in the morning and not much more at night, so we support school lunch programs for select kids at rural Thai schools. We currently sponsor 58 kids, but thousands more need help.

Dollar-a-day Sponsorships For one dollar a day, you can take care of most of the essential needs of one of the 32 kids at Children's Garden orphanage. Though you'll find some info here, please contact us via email ( as we're sorting out the program since some children have moved on and some sponsors have dropped out.

Kewsua School Dorm/Education Hill tribe kids can't walk miles through the jungle, twice a day, to get the education they deserve. Their current dormitory is one place you'd never want to spend one night. We're partnering with enthusiastic, volunteer extraordinaire Stacia Davis who lives and teaches onsite and will oversee the construction with the villagers of Kewsua.

To view some of our past activities/projects, please visit the Heart section and peruse the Day-to-Day links.

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