To love means to give...just give all you can if you really want to live
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General Donations
General Donations If you'd like us to apply your tax-deductible donation where it may help the most, please click on the button to the left. Or preview the options below and link to the info about each project or activity. A receipt for your tax records will be sent to you.
Dollar-a-day Sponsorships at Children's Garden This $365 program provides education support, school lunch programs, travel expenses to school and other essential living expenses. More info about the orphanage is also in the Day-to-Day section under HEART.
Brain Food
Brain Food You can support one child for a year (200 days) in school lunch programs in rural Thai schools for $95, only about a quarter a day. The change in your hand can change the life of a child. Click on the link above for more information.
Kewsua Project
Kewsua Dorm/Education Project Help Stacia Davis, volunteer teacher who lives deep in the mountains, with her dream of building a new dormitory for the Karen (Gariang) hill tribe kids so they may have the opportunity to get the education they deserve.
Give & Get
Give & Get It's basically a general donation of at least $25, but you get something back while you're giving to others. Life in the Laugh Lane book, CDs or T-shirts are perfect tax-deductible gifts for the holiday season. (You can't get them anywhere else!)

Give-Live-Ride Thailand
Motorcycle Tour 2008

The riders are all paying their own expenses and raising funds to donate to children in a variety of projects, much of it going to Children's Garden orphanage. A few rode the tour last year and part of their funds go to their participation in the Dollar-a-day Sponsorship program.

All these riders have hearts almost too big for their bikes! Help them help the kids with a generous, tax-deductible donation. Click on the appropriate button and we'll carefully track the amounts that go towards the goals they've set.

Check out the ride and route by clicking on the links above and donate through the links to the left with each rider's name. If you want to make sure these name match the folks that you know, you can also donate on the Give-Live-Riders 2008 page.

Ron Berg
Clay Ghylin
Todd Pellizzer