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Ten students from Srinehru School delighted the crowd with their traditional dancing and Hmong costumes

No easy task to get to Srinehru in the rainy season but both canteen and toilets were completed by July 2005

How can you learn if you can't go to the toilet or eat? (You should have smelled the toilets before. Okay, maybe not.)

Celeste and Frank from the FERC board deliver scholarship money and funds for the library at Nampu Thai School








19 February 2005: Chiangmai, Thailand

Music! Comedy! Magic! Dinner! Dance! Auction!

FERC's 6th Annual Benefit Gala

for Srinehru Hmong and Nampu Thai schools
Baan Wongmalee, Chiangmai
All-inclusive ticket/donation 1,500 baht

An entertainment extravaganza under the stars near Chiangmai, our 6th Annual Benefit Gala had stars from around the block and across the globe. Proceeds of almost a half million baht ($12,500) has built new toilets, restored a septic system and enlarged the canteen for Srinehru Hmong School high on Doi Pui mountain, and bought library materials, computer and education supplies for Nampu Thai School near Lamphun as well as provided scholarships for many orphans who have lost their families to AIDS.

The all-inclusive ticket provided the 200 folks who attended complementary wine, a succulent buffet from the Amari Rincome Hotel, a chance to win the choice door prize, non-stop festivities with comedy, pop/jazz concert with Grammy Award Winner Barbara Bailey Hutchison, tenor extraordinaire Antoine Garth and comedy/music from Scott Jones, a magic show with disappearing dogs, a sweet performance by the Hmong school children from Srinehru School, a silent and live auction for valuable goods and services, fireworks and fire lanterns plus dancing to Music Man!

The Gala climaxed with a bang and the band! The concert finale song Give and Live was performed by Barbara, Scott and the band Music Man before the sky filled with amazing fireworks donated by Keng Wongmalee as Music Man packed the dance floor with hits from the 60s to 90s! It was a great success enjoyed by all.

News stories of Gala and donations online. Chiangmai Mail Newspaper coverage of the Gala and the presentation of scholarships and funds to Nampu School in Lamphun is online at:

Next FERC Gala Benefit in February 2006! We're beginning our plans for our next event here in Chiangmai and researching various candidates to receive proceeds from the event. If you'd like to help with the event or donate goods and services for our auctions and raffles, please contact Scott Jones at Hope to see you at our benefit in November!

Give and Live: The Song

wherever you go folks are in need
people to clothe and kids to feed,
to teach to read
pawns in the path of one more war
or tsunami waves that waste the shore
they're at death's door

to love means to give
to give means to live
just give all you can
if you really want to live

give and live
the more you give
the more you live

you're lucky when you can lend a hand

to lift someone up and help them stand or understand
you can save lives though you're not there
there're plenty of ways to show you care and ways to share

the change in your hand can change the child
whose family died when AIDS ran wild and she was exiled
now she’s a slave of poverty
why should she pay for her parent's deeds
while her heart bleeds?

© 2005 Scott Jones

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© 2005 by Give and Live, USA
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Half a million baht was raised
at our 6th Annual Benefit Gala with non-stop activities near Chiangmai in Feb 2005

Grammy Award Winner
Barbara Bailey Hutchison
Best Solo Performer Award in the
USA college market, sixteen albums, singer of McDonald’s and Hallmark TV commercials! Her voice is powerful, her concerts always fresh and from the heart.

Comedy and Music
Scott Jones
FERC Board of Directors Member and CEO of Give and Live, Scott has performed throughout the USA, released four albums of original music and comedy but now plays in Thailand and writes his Life in the Laugh Lane column for Chiangmai-mail Newspaper.

Tenor Extraordinaire
Antoine Garth
A singer in the classical, musical theatre and jazz fields, Antoine has been featured soloist with many prominent USA orchestras and has toured Southeast Asia.