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20 December, 2003: Chiangmai and Pai, Thailand

R & R and R & R for the R: rest, relaxation, roots and rubber for the road.
Accompanied by the cacophony of roosters outside my bamboo bungalow near Pai, the morning mist rises with the sun to become the strips of cotton clouds hanging above the mountains. The daily goat parade with their hundred clattering wooden bells and one lonely goat herder clomps down the valley to graze near the rice fields, dried brown and ripe for harvesting, then burning. T-shirt days and blanket nights…elephants and their substantial droppings on the roads…the world’s best food served with the world’s widest, whitest smiles: 
It’s good to be back in Thailand. 

After a two-month whirlwind in the US, I arrived with a year visa, a box of Dr. Suess books, bike gear all over my body and great memories of friends and family in my heart. The first projects are personal: a place to stay and a way to move. Give and Live directions are in discussion here, fundraising is in discussion over there, but holidays are in full swing here and there.

The dog's a basket case and a basket barely holds the waste. 
Here in Pai is where I imagine I'll live, but I’ve temporarily rented a room at Tewin's Place, a friend’s spanking new apartment building in Chiangmai: bed, bathroom, balcony, desk, armoire, air-conditioner, fan, fridge, TV, microwave, plastic leather lounge chair, bedding, flexi reading light, coffee from the landlords every morning, a petite guard dogette (with a camouflage sweater so we can't see his tiny torso) who only barks at me and the smallest wastebasket in Thailand. (If I throw something in it, I have to empty it.) At 3000 baht = $75 per month, it costs about the same to store my stuff in America as it does to live with it in Asia. I need to get a mattress for the mattress, absolutely the hardest I’ve ever encountered. I believe they may have poured it when they did the driveways. Imagine lying on a teak table with a thin tablecloth. Hey, maybe it is a table. Tables can be very short over here. Though the area is quite quiet, a neurotic, mezzo-soprano dog nearby communicates nightly and consistently with another in the distance, perhaps in Cambodia, or Indiana. I’ll either have to duct tape the dog to a passing bus, or a pillow to my head.

Her name is Sarasaki and she's just a big, old baby.
I'm the proud new father of a wizened Kawasaki ZX-10 sport/touring bike from somewhere around 1990. Any bike here that's bigger than 200cc must arrive disassembled, in at least three boxes of parts and are rarely late models. This one's a 1000cc so it probably took very large boxes. Purchased from Jake, my TEFL teacher, who's somewhere between a genius and a lunatic (I like that in a person!), it comes with a personal guided tour of southern Thailand, a couple of islands, thousands of mountains, maybe a little Laos, whatever, starting in a couple days until 3 January. Jake's been around the world twice on a bevy of bikes, but he's a new Harley owner and Davidson addict now. He's guaranteed to buy the ZX back from me if I'm not satisfied or if it breaks down, so I'm going to print this page and have him sign it.

Next year I'll get back to working, giving and living.
In January I'll be observing and evaluating new trainees at the Text and Talk Academy where I got my teaching certificate. Soon I'll find a place for some volunteer English teaching and necessary Thai learning. H
alf the Thai language I barely knew before hitting the States slowly drained out of me while I was gone. After an arduous but animated food order in Thai, the waitress told my dining partner, "He doesn't speak Thai very well, but he says a lot of words that I know."  

I hope to have more Give and Live progress to report soon. Besides trying to decide exactly what to tackle, I'm having a crash course in The Politics of Giving. You give to one and another one doesn't get it, or wants to take it or get you. Sigh, giving sounded so easy. When I have a reasonably permanent address, I’ll let you know so you can send me large amounts of cash, prizes and household items…perhaps a mattress and more duct tape.

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