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Slow down, watch out for 
elephant pies on the road,
ride one on a lazy day in Pai.

400cc Suzuki Slingshot:
Light sport bike for one rider.
(Near Doi Ang Klang mountain)

The road to Mae Salong: no
shortage of twisties, mountains 
and absolutely great deserted 
roads in Thailand.

November dishes out
sunflowers, poinsettias
and lush green rice paddies.

Baan Nam Hoo, a quiet mountain guest house near Pai. $2  a night, 
$5 with private bath.

Sweet girl leaning on banana tree 
at Karen hill tribe village 
near Mae Hong Son.

Sunset on the way to the village 
of Pai, not shown actual size.


January 13, 2008: All Over Northern Thailand in 2008

Life is short. Make it wide.
January 13-24, 2008
The Give-Live-Ride Thailand Charity Motorcycle Tour 2008!

This ride is over, but if you'd like info on the next one, click here:
Give-Live-Ride Thailand 2009!

f you ride, join us for a 12-day trip that you'll never forget. If you don't ride, sign up today, buy a bike tomorrow and start practicing. There are only 10 bike slots (15 riders) available for these rides and a few are already taken. Check out the day-to-day experience of our most recent tour in Life is short. Make it wide. (Article for Minnesota Motorcycling Monthly magazine)

Northern Thailand is a biker's dream, a living picture show.
Jungle roads snake through bamboo past water buffalo. Climb the misty mountains where the cool rivers run. Hike a hidden valley where you hardly see the sun. Most of these roads are an absolute joy to ride, smoothly paved with few vehicles to get in your way. It's the best way to see the real Thailand, away from the tourist buses, bustle and busyness. And all the profits will go directly to kids who need it, some of whom you'll meet, some you may even help with a day of service. Our goal is to raise $25,000 per tour which will provide food, education and necessary living expenses for the 33 kids at Children's Garden orphanage and help other disadvantaged children with other projects.

Help the rider of your choice reach their personal donation goals!

Here's a tentative schedule for January 2008.
It could be longer or shorter if your schedule doesn't fit exactly.
Get out your atlas. ( won't have directions for this trip.) It takes in the Chiangmai-Mae Hong Son loop, Doi Ang Klang mountain, Chiang Dao, Mae Salong tea/coffee village and the Mekong River. Start drooling now.

Sat Be in Chiangmai to help donate toys from the Chiang Mai ToyRide!
Sun Get on the bike for sweet ride around Doi Sutep mountain, then to Children's Garden to meet the kids, then the Sunday Walking Market.
Mon Stunning mountain ride to Mae Hong Son, visit Burmese-style temple, dinner on the lake, stay in hillside bungalow in a teak forest.
Tues    Day "off" in Mae Hong Son to read, boat to long-neck Karen village, shop, chill out, explore market, whatever.
Wed    Back through Pai on roads you'll want to ride again to Malee's Nature Huts nestled next to Chiang Dao mountain. Take a temple or cave walk.
Thur    Unforgettable riding over Doi Ang Khang mountain to Mae Salong: a very Chinese, mountain tea town with Ahka hilltribe market.
Fri   Explore Mae Salong area, the Queen's amazing Mae Fa Luang Gardens, sample tea, relax at karaoke bar.
Sat    Down the mountains for cruising along the Mekong River to Chiang Khong and private hotel patio overlooking Laos.
Sun       Day of magnificent views on the top of the world to Phu Sang National Forest, way out there, once again almost in Laos.
Mon      Some say the best riding in northern Thailand where the road drops thousands of feet on each side to Phu Kha National Forest.
Tues     More remote riding and expansive views to the very Thai town of Nan, known for its weaving and very few foreigners.
Wed Leisurely ride across a mountain range, on splendid desolate roads, dinner in Phayao on the largest lake in northern Thailand.
Thur Back to Chiangmai with lunch at the hot springs. Smooth roads lead back to a farewell party and a few Singha beers!

The cost? Here's a ballpark...
Living costs are incredibly inexpensive here in Thailand. Your dollar goes a long, long way and we'll try to stretch it as far as possible. We arrange bike rental, food, lodging, support vehicle and some transportation. Extra expenses may include extra beverages, immunizations, gifts, tips, travel before and after, etc. Your $500 deposit guarantees a spot on a tour.

 International airfare $700-$1,300
 Thailand airfare $100
 Hotels/guest houses (single or double) $200
 Bike rental (Honda Super 4, 400 or 700cc) $195-225
 Food and drink $200
 Petrol $75
 Mechanic, luggage carry, support vehicles $110
 Trip/medical evacuation insurance $85
Estimated total for 12 days $1,795-$2,295

And you get to give!
Each person will be responsible for their own expenses and donate (or raise with friends, family or strangers on the street) $2,500 which will be a tax-deductible contribution to Give and Live. (Households of two riders, either two on a bike or with two bikes, will donate $2500 for first rider and $1250 for the second.) Once again, depending on how creative you are, that's easy to do. Give and Live board member Todd Pellizzer has a ton of great ideas to raise a good amount of money with the riders from Minneapolis.

For a few thousand dollars you can change lives.
You'll change the lives of kids who need it and you'll probably change yours as well. Can you spare some change? Hey, change is the only thing constant in life. You may want to consider putting all your possessions in storage before you leave so you don't have to go back home and deal with them. Start dreaming. It's the first step to reality. When I came to Thailand in 2003, I followed one little dream. The reality that I've experienced here is way beyond anything I could have ever dreamed, like this bike tour. Let's dream together and make reality rosy for a lot of kids, including the kid that's alive and well and living in you! More information about Children's Garden in links below to Day to Day 4, 5 and 9.

More information? Reserving your place today?
Please contact us with your questions. We're seriously and selfishly very excited about this, wishing the trip were tomorrow. Or today.

Scott Jones in USA and Thailand:
Thailand: [66] 87-188-8487
Todd Pellizzer in Minneapolis:
USA cell: 612-220-1184

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Questions? Comments? Donations?
2007 by Give and Live, USA
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400cc Honda Super Four:
reliable, fun and only $15/day

We'll have a truck for your
gear unless you want to try
it riding Thai-style.

This is an easy one. 
Sometimes the curves are 
straight up and straight back.

You'll walk through wonders
as you rest your bottom
next to Chiang Dao mountain.

We'll take care of Children's 
Garden orphanage by giving 
directly to 37 kids in need.

When the bridge is out, just put 
your bike on a long tail boat!