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Stanley with some of the kids at the FERC Give and Live Benefits Concert/Dinner at the Fondue House in Chiangmai.

Happy kids from Children's Garden at the New Year's Lahu celebration with nine tribes from around three countries in San Sai, Thailand during January 2005.



In March 2003, The Children’s Garden, a project to help poor and disadvantaged children, was begun.

Aik Lone Khammui (nickname Stanley) is the founder of the project. Stanley was born in Southern Thailand of a British father and Thai mother. His parents were killed in World War 2 when he was one year old. Stanley was raised by a French priest until the age of 7, which resulted in a devout Christian faith. After this period, he grew up in the care of a Lahu family in Burma and attended school in Rangoon. The Lahu are one of the many ethnic minorities living in the area. When he was a second grade university student the situation in that country became too dangerous. Together with his wife, his 2 children and 70 other Lahu families, he fled the country and came to Thailand, built up his life again and started projects helping those trapped in poverty.

In order to support his family and to finance these projects, he tirelessly worked as a trekking guide for many years, bringing tourists into hill tribe communities. A couple of years ago Stanley recognized the problem of orphaned children and those from broken homes in the hill tribe communities of Northern Thailand. From scratch he and his family founded an orphanage on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. This orphanage still exists and is now under the supervision of a Christian organization.

Stanley later decided to begin his own orphanage, The Children’s Garden, on a plot of land he owns in Doi Saket, approximately 20 kms from downtown Chiang Mai. In the running of The Children’s Garden, Stanley is assisted by his wife Bu and their 6 daughters. Presently there are 26 children living at the Children’s Garden. Some are from the Akha, Karen, or Lawa minorities, but most come from the Lahu hill tribe. Some are orphans while others are from broken families or from families that are unable to provide support for a number of reasons.

Aim of the project
The most important goal of the project is to provide the minimum care needed for the children: housing, food, and schooling. Stanley has turned The Children’s Garden into a farm that aims to be self-sufficient within a couple of years. Fruit trees and a variety of vegetables have been planted. Through donations, Stanley has bought chickens and pigs. There are two large ponds for breeding fish and a new shallow one that makes harvest much easier. Frogs, snails and mushrooms are also grown for consumption and sales.

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