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Sweet main street in Kewsua village

Not-so-sweet dorm for only 20 kids

Grim kitchen,
rats not pictured

Bird flu wash tub?

Ready for a seven mile walk home

PROJECTS: Kewsua School Dorm/Education
Thailand is full of splendid mountains and remote villages, but if you're a poor child far from a school, it's impossible to walk miles through the jungle to get an education that will help you for the rest of your life. A dormitory, a home away from home, is essential for basic learning. Your tax-deductible donations can help change many children's lives.

Kewsua School Deep in the mountains of northern Thailand, the school in the village of Kewsua serves many other neighboring villages. Right now, 20 of their 90 students stay in a two-room "dormitory" that you would not want your pets to live in. The kitchen is in a shambles and you worry they may not survive the meals made in the unsanitary conditions.

How much will it cost? You can build a new dorm for a few thousand dollars, perhaps even furnished with beds, but there are many other needs as well. Building plan finalized, the construction begins in early March, managed by on-site volunteer Stacia Davis, who raised most of the funds to make her dream a reality.

Give and get your friends to give Right now you can click on the button below to donate through PayPal with your credit card and get a receipt from the website. If you prefer to send a check or money order for larger donations, find address at Donate! Please email your questions to Stacia for now: she's on the front lines.

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