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Three ways to GIVE & GET: book, CD or T-shirt!
You can donate directly today with a credit card on PayPal by clicking the donate button below. The more you give, the more you help. We've secured our official tax-exempt status so your donations are tax-deductible. To make it simple, for any donation of at least $25, you can choose from the three items below. You give, you get. (Or your friends get!) If you donate at least $50, you can get all three, three of one, etc.

1. The Book: Life in the Laugh Lane: facts, fiction and photos from America to Asia by Scott Jones
If this book doesn't make you laugh out loud, you should check yourself into the Nursing Home for the Dead, unless you're already in a coma. Real life is much funnier than fiction and 300 pictures (64 pages in color) prove it. Sample chapters: "I was born in Fargo, but I take pills for it." "Golf is a four-letter word." "The S. S. Cellulite." "6,000,000 Cleaning Ladies" and "Just say no to bugs." Minimum donation: $25

2. The CD: Roads and Solo: Double album CD of original music by Scott Jones
People ask me what kind of music I play and I say “Yes.” I’m comfortable in many different categories. (I may be schizophrenic but I’ll always have each other.) This album is actually two-for-one: my first album Roads and my third album Solo, both recorded in the US and produced by best friend and musical genius Steven Greenberg. (Remember the song Funkytown?). Roads has a diverse range of music from blues to jazz, rock to classical, folk to whatever, performed with some of the best musicians in Minneapolis, MN. To satisfy the fans that preferred to hear me play alone, I recorded the album Solo...khon diao. The cover photo is one my favorite motorcycle rides in Thailand: Doi Ang Klang mountain, on of the stops on the Give-Live-Ride Charity Motorcycle Tour 2008. Minimum donation: $25

4. The T-shirt: Shut up...and hug me with the Give and Live logo
An honest, caring message to those folks who whine or whinge (intensified constant whining in an annoying manner, developed in England) about the weather, the weather man, whether or not they like the neighbors, their parents, kids or friends, or you, or whatever, on and on. Straight-forward on the front, politically correct on the back. The Shut Up conveniently sits on the shoulder, concealed by a coat or jacket, so you can subtly expose it when the need arises, then dramatically turn and lower jacket revealing the "and hug me" in hopes of getting a warm one. Specify size in moss green: S, M, L, XL. Minimum donation: $25

Here's how:
1. Send an email to Amy with your name, donation amount, product selection from the options below, amount of items and the address where you wish the items sent (plus the name/address of someone else if you'd like them to receive the items in your name). Please specify S, M, L or XL for shirts. We'll take care of postal service shipping: books and T-shirts from the USA, CDs from Thailand. If you'd like them quicker from the USA, add $10 and we'll send them express! (If you want express from Thailand, that's $37 extra, but it's better to be patient since $37 can buy school lunches for 148 needy children...)

2. Click the PayPal donate button below.

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