To love means to give...just give all you can if you really want to live
Riders with overdeveloped hearts on the
Give-Live-Ride Thailand Charity Tour 2008!

These riders all have goals of raising $2,500 per individual or $3,750 per couple and besides paying all their own expenses. Some are coming for their second year in a row. Last year we even built a dorm/workshop/play area for an orphanage. We're focusing more on education now and all the pieces of the learning puzzle that make a brighter picture for disadvantaged kids in Thailand.

Your tax-deductible donations to the riders will be carefully tracked to help them reach their goals: to give and live! Each rider/couple has a unique donate button above their name.

Please help these generous riders help the kids!
Andy and Lynn
Shawn and Karen
Joining us for his second year in a row, Ron Berg was our largest donor last year. He also had the loudest laugh. An investor and property owner, he follows his heart which is beating joyfully as the kids from Children's Garden return from school.
Lynn and Andy Anderson with Joom in the middle are returning for their second year and have a two-year plan of moving to Thailand. Lynn works at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. Andy can build anything and does. Andy's not the only one she hugs...
Clay Ghylin almost made the trip last year but his ship didn't come it, or maybe it didn't go out. He's originally from Oregon but has lived in Hawaii for many years where he builds these amazing traditional canoes.
Shawn and Karen are joining us for the first time so I don't know much about them except they live in the northern tundra of Minnesota, Shawn's a computer guy and Karen works at Target. Since this is the only photo I have, the one below is a fire lantern they'll see when they're in Thailand.
Todd Pellizzer is Mr. Ice Cream Man with his 2 brothers at Sebastian Joe's in Minneapolis and vice-chair of Give and Live and this tour was his idea and when he comes regularly to Thailand, he's always the tallest person around. In the photo, Todd's feeding an elephant right before it ate his son Sebastian.
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