To love means to give...just give all you can if you really want to live

Welcome to the
Land of Smiles!

10 bikes per tour!

Sweeping curves that never end...

One sweet kid who needs your help!

Honda Super 4:
agile, dependable
and smooth

The twistiest
twisties imaginable

Waterfall in Phu Sang National Park

Towering bamboo touching the clouds

Lisa ladies with tour leader Scott Jones

Cliffside bungalows
in Mae Hong Son

Sunset from Mae Hong Son to Pai

Great kids that need your help!

Tea house on top
of the mountains

Poisettas are trees
in Thailand!

Choke dee! (That's good luck in Thai!)

PROJECTS: Ride Thailand!

Give-Live-Ride Thailand Charity Motorcycle Tour
Jan 19-30, 2009...12 days (9-day option: Jan 19-27)

Life is short. Make it wide. If you ride, join us for a 9 or 12-day trip you'll never forget. If you don't ride, sign up today, buy a bike tomorrow and start practicing. There are only 10 bike slots available for these rides and a few are already taken. Check out the day-to-day experience of the 2007 tour in Life is short. Make it wide. (Article for Minnesota Motorcycling Monthly magazine)

Thailand is a biker's dream,
a living picture show!
Jungle roads snake through bamboo past water buffalo. Climb the misty mountains where the cool rivers run. Most roads are an absolute joy to ride, smoothly paved with few vehicles and the twistiest twisties you can imagine--the best way to see the real Thailand, away from the tourist buses, bustle and busyness.

All donations from your tour
will go to needy children...
in Northern Thailand to cover their food, school, clothing and living expenses, while also providing funds for apprenticeships or educational programs. Our goal is to raise $25,000 per tour through your individual fund-raising of $2,500, which may include a year sponsorship of a needy child at an orphanage who you'll be able to meet during your trip to paradise. This trip is all about giving, living and riding!

Tentative day-to-day schedule for Jan 09. 
(Careful, you'll want to stay forever.)
Get out your atlas. won't have directions for this amazing trip to national parks, lakes and hot springs, Chiang Khong overlooking Laos on the Mekong River, Mae Salong tea village, Doi Ang Klang mountain on the Burma border, the Mae Hong Son - Chiangmai loop (1,864 curves, one way!) and over Thailand's highest mountain Doi Inthanon. Start dreaming now.

Sat Leave winter behind in Chiangmai, savor the smiles, get on a bike!
Sun Optional ride to an orphanage to meet kids you're helping. (40 km)
Mon Tour officially begins gently to the sweet Riverside Inn in Lampang via a mountain elephant hospital. (150 km)
Tue More mountains, valleys and back roads to the town of Nan, known for weaving and great riding. (220 km)
Wed Some say you haven't ridden Northern Thailand till you've done this road to remote mountains in Phu Kha National Park. (151 km)
Thu We're out there with smooth twisties and panoramic views to Phu Sang National Park with the waterfall pictured to the left. (270 km)
Fri Magnificent views on the top of the world to your hotel with a balcony overlooking Laos across the Mekong River. (194 km)
Sat Through the Golden Triangle, up to Mae Salong, a very Chinese, mountain-top, tea village with Akha hill tribe markets. (189 km)
Sun Explore Mae Salong, the Queen's amazing Mae Fa Luang Gardens, sample tea, visit Akha village, hike to a hill top temple. (0 - 98 km)
Mon Stunning ride to Chiang Dao along Burma border over Doi Ang Khang mountain to Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalows. (212 km)
Tue Splendid mountain ride to Mae Hong Son, sleep in cliffside bungalow in teak forest. 9-day riders head to Chiangmai. (122 km)
Wed Leisure day for a boat trip to long-neck Karen hill tribe village, shop the night market, stone-fired piazza at night at bungalows. (0 - ? km)
Thu Perfect road with sweeping curves, over montains, relax in a teak, charming guest house in Mae Chaem near Doi Inthanon. (165 km)
Fri Incredible ride home over Thailand's highest mountain, Hmong markets, savor a final feast of Thai food and friendship! (222 km)

Cost estimate, besides your $2,500 fund-raising...
You'll ride an upright sport bike: a Honda Super 4, 400cc or 750cc, pictured here on the left. Agile, dependable and smooth. Living costs are incredibly inexpensive in Thailand. Your dollar goes a long, long way and we'll try to stretch it as far as possible. We arrange bike rental, lodging, some food/transportation and a support vehicle for extra bike and baggage. You arrange your airfares and pay other costs was we go. Extra expenses include beverages, immunizations, tips, travel before/after, etc. Your $500 deposit guarantees a spot on a tour. (The figures below are an estimate for the 12-day ride and calculated at an exchange rate of 33 baht per dollar.)

 International airfare $700-$1,300
 Thailand airfare (Chiangmai-Bangkok-Chiangmai) $100
 Lodging (Single or 2 in 1 room) $400
 Bike rental (Honda Super 4, 400 or 700cc) $275-310
 Petrol $100
 Mechanic, bags/support truck, spare bike $120
 Trip/medical evacuation insurance $85
 Estimated total for 12 days $1,930-$2,565

And you get to give...and we'll help!
Each person will be responsible for their own expenses and donate (or raise with friends, family or strangers on the street) $2,500 which will be a tax-deductible contribution to Give and Live. (Households of two riders, either two on a bike or with two bikes, will donate $2500 for first rider and $1250 for the second.) Once again, depending on how creative you are, that's easy to do. We'll provide templates for your fund-raising letters, give you a list of suggested money-making ideas and put you in touch with other folks in your area, as well give your donors an opportunity to give via PayPal or credit cards on line. Check out the 2008 riders donation page.

The change in your hand can change lives.
You'll change the lives of kids who need it and you'll probably change yours as well. Can you spare some change? Hey, change is the only thing constant in life. You may want to consider putting all your possessions in storage before you leave so you don't have to go back home and deal with them. Start dreaming. It's the first step to reality. When I came to Thailand in 2003, I followed one little dream. The reality that I've experienced here is way beyond anything I could have ever dreamed, like this bike tour. Let's dream together and make reality rosy for a lot of kids, including the kid that's alive and well and living in you! Reserve your spot in paradise today!

Please call or email us with your questions. We're seriously and selfishly very excited about this, wishing the trip were tomorrow. Or today.

Scott Jones:
Thailand phone: [66] 87-188-8487 
Todd Pellizzer:
USA phone: [1] 612-220-1184

Questions? Comments?
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