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Grammy Award Winner
Barbara Bailey Hutchison
Best Solo Performer Award in the
USA college market, sixteen albums, singer of McDonald’s and Hallmark TV commercials! Her voice is powerful, her concerts always fresh and from the heart.

Irish/Celtic Music
Together since 1989 with
many albums to their credit, Willowgreen performs traditional and contemporary music from Ireland, Newfoundland and Scotland along with original music
written in the Celtic style.

Singer Extraordinaire
Sara Wagner
Formerly of the popular alternative
rock band Run Miss Scarlet in Minneapolis MN, Sara melds jazz, rock, country and her soul into a compelling style of her own.

Jill Holly
She's wowed audiences from Stockholm to Tokyo - Central Europe to the Caribbean - and she's performed in 45 of the 50 States. One woman, a guitar and a piano, creating thoughtful, intelligent music with an amazing voice and stage presence, sure to inspire any audience. "Calling All Angels," her compact disc on Ivy Records, available on this site. Reviewers praise Jill Holly for her stunning vocals, award-winning songwriting, reminding us why we love music.











11 August 2005: Chiangmai, Thailand

FERC Give and Live Benefits

USA Concert Tour 2005

Press Release


Contact: Scott Jones, CEO, Give and Live
Phone: [66] 7-188-8487 (Thailand)

FERC Give and Live Benefits USA Concert Tour 2005
Scott Jones and Friends Help Orphans in Thailand

Chiangmai, Thailand, July 17, 2005: 100 mph sudden IMPACT. Blackout. A body flies 30 feet through the air. A drunken, hit and run driver has struck a motorcyclist head-on and left him with a broken neck, fractured foot and pelvis, concussion, and severed artery to a brain that creeps back into consciousness and wonders if it's alive. (Complete story here.)

Maybe I only have a few more moments? If so, I'll go gently, a gentle man, the way I feel I've lived my life.

Five months later Scott Jones had learned to walk again, trained someone to replace him at his job, stuffed his worldly possessions into a storage unit and traveled to Asia for the first time. After three months in China and Vietnam, Thailand grabbed his heart. He studied and received a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) but while teaching, saw many unfortunate kids and orphans who lost their parents to AIDS. They need more than just a teacher. They need schools, food, clothing, books...another chance to live and learn. He started Give and Live, a nonprofit corporation, to realize his new dreams of helping them. (

My father always told me, "To love means to give, just give all you can if you really want to live."

Now, three years after impact, Scott organizes FERC Give and Live Benefits events in Thailand with FERC (Foundation for the Education of Rural Children: and Samsara (Dutch nonprofit), writing a weekly humor column for Chiangmai Mail Newspaper, recording a new music CD and now bringing his multi-media, music and comedy show to America for a seven-concert benefit tour in six states. Each event will have a silent auction with exquisite imports from Thailand and donated items/services from local businesses. All profits go directly to people who need help: for schools and dormitories, to provide learning materials, scholarships, and necessary living expenses, and to educate rural children in Northern Thailand.

8/29       Barter Theatre II, Abingdon VA
9/9         St. Tim's Church, Winston-Salem NC
9/12       Edgehill United Methodist Church, Nashville TN
9/28       Jewish Community Center Theater, Minneapolis MN
9/24       Paul Bunyan Playhouse, Bemidji MN
9/23       Harrington Arts Center, Superior WI
10/6       Ben Patrick Johnson home, Hollywood CA

For individual venue information, times and directions:
FERC Give and Live Benefits Tour Concert Information

It's a festive way to bring a musical message to the city and take some money to the country. Soon we'll take entertaining, educational HIV/AIDS focused concerts into FERC's schools, into villages and hill give them a show they'll never forget, packed with health facts, so hopefully they'll live a long time to remember it. Maybe we can even save a few lives. 

Scott has performed in all 50 states, Canada and Thailand, released 4 albums of original music and comedy, and produced albums for several other artists. His music range is broad: classical to contemporary-blues to jazz-rag to rock. His hilarious slide show" "Life in the Laugh Lane" takes you on a bizarre tour of America and now Thailand. One fan commented, "I laughed so hard I passed an ice cube through my nose." 

In VA, NC and TN, Scott will be joined by Grammy Award Winner Barbara Bailey Hutchison ( who recently performed at a Give and Live Benefit in Thailand. Best Solo Performer Award in the USA college market, 16 albums, singer of McDonald's and Hallmark commercials, her voice is powerful, her concerts always fresh and from the heart. In MN, he'll share the stage with local artist Jill Holly with a special appearance by Sara and his golden-voiced daughter and former lead singer of the band Run Miss Scarlet. In WI, the Irish/Celtic group Willowgreen will be featured performers. (

Please help us help some kids who really need it.
The evening will be memorable: all new original songs, stunning images on the screen, comedy for everyone and grand opportunity to give and live. The memories you will create in Thailand are profound. For the price of a CD, you give a child their mattress to sleep on every night. At Children's Garden, $12 provides food, school, lodging and medical expenses for 26 kids for one day. $125 gives a scholarship with all living expenses for a year. $3000 builds an entire school.

Scott's back on the bike, living in and traveling through Thailand, delivering shirts and supplies to kids, playing Frisbee and teaching thumb wrestling, and recording thankful smiles. His only regret is that the accident didn't happen sooner so he'd have more time to give and live in Asia.

Four wheels are definitely better than two. Now I have two motorcycles because one is always at the repair shop.

For additional info, images, interviews, please contact:
Scott Jones, CEO, Give and Live
Phone: [66] 7-188-8487 (Thailand)

Email:  ♫  Web:

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Musician Comedian
Writer Photographer

Scott Jones
Formerly from Minneapolis, Scott has performed in all 50 states in the USA and Canada. Currently working on a new CD, he has released four albums of original music and comedy and produced projects for many other artists. His music is a little bit of a lot of styles: jazz to blues, rag to rock, folk to classical. His hilarious comedy slide show takes you on a bizarre journey across America...and now Asia.

After the near-death experience of being struck on his motorcycle, head-on by a drunken, hit-and-run driver who left him with a broken neck, fractured foot and pelvis, etcetera, etcetera, he traveled to Thailand where it’s legal to drive on the other side of the road. Thailand captured his heart. Now he’s back on the bike, delivering supplies to children, playing Frisbee and teaching orphans how to thumb wrestle. CEO and Founder of Give and Live, he lives and performs in Thailand, writes a humor column for Chiangmai Mail newspaper, is on the board of directors of FERC and does everything he can to help less-fortunate kids in Thailand.

Unfair thumb wrestling!
One American, three Lahu kids!

"Pass the Pig" game at Children's Garden, a great way to teach numbers while they think they're only playing