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PROJECTS: Dollar-a-day Sponsors
Although this program has been in place for over a year, it evolves constantly as kids leave or new ones arrive at Children's Garden orphanage. Donors come and go. We'd like to make it more of a union of the heart with communication between the sponsors and the children. Letters help the kids work on their English and give them the inspiration of having a buddy on the other side of the world. (Learn more about Children's Garden here.)

Where does your donation go? It helps the individual kids by helping the orphanage overall: school lunch programs paid directly to the schools, petrol costs to get to school, necessary food and supplies for use at the Garden, health insurance plus additional funds just used in Nov 2007 for a head injury of one of the older boys. Just imagine if you had 33 kids of your own!

You can choose your child. Right now we're sorting out who is continuing their sponsorship and whether some donors will continue with another child. Please send us an email along with your donation and we'll give you the choice from the kids not currently sponsored. You'll get an official receipt for your records and instructions on how to correspond to your child. It's a tax-deductible way to warm two hearts for an entire year...yours and theirs.

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