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School lunch room

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PROJECTS: Brain Food
Even very poor children can attend schools in Thailand for free, but they still have to eat...and wear uniforms and buy supplies. It's hard to learn on an empty stomach. We've heard stories of kids with no money for lunch who snack on poisonous berries and leaves from trees in the school yard and end up in the hospital.

The funds go directly to the kids Though the goverment has limited funds to help a few very poor kids, there's never enough to go around. We're currently covering school lunches for 58 children in two rural schools near Chiangmai, and hope to expand the program to include uniforms and supplies. The school teachers and headmaster create "savings accounts" for each child and carefully track the donated money with three signatures required for withdrawal of funds. We let them decide on the most needy students, which are determined by their family situation as well as their height and weight charts: indications of their health and need for food.

A few cents makes sense Lunch and snack costs 15 baht = about 50 cents; for an entire year (200 days of school) that's about $95. You can sponsor a child, but unfortunately, because of the way of the world and its pedophile/sex trade issues they must remain anonymous. Right now you can donate through PayPal with your credit card by clicking the button below. We're officially a tax-exempt 501(c)(3c) organinzation (Fed ID: 33-1075787) and the receipt you get from our PayPal Give and Live account should be sufficient for your tax records.

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